Hi and Welcome to my About page – My name is David Knight and I have been involved with Internet Marketing since 2010 – to be exact – 20th April 2010. This being the day after the day I was made redundant from my job as a Store Keeper for an aircraft maintenance company.

It was a job I thought I would be at until I retired – but no – the 19th April was my last day…

On the morning of the 20th April I decided to ‘Google’ how make money online which literature returned millions of results… :/

I set about looking at some of these and even subscribed to some of the mailing lists that the search had produced.

The next day I was swamped with eMails. Some good – or what I thought were good and some bad – and some that I just didn’t understand. I now know that I was starting to suffer from the dreaded ‘Information Overload’!

I was starting to go around in circles… Now looking back why did I find it so hard? The answer is that what I wanted to do – create an online business is simple but it is NOT easy.

I continued in this state of overwhelm for at least a month I then discovered a membership site online which would make sense of all this Confusion.

That membership site was Chris Farrell Membership – now for the first time in a month things were starting to make sense – I wasn’t making any money but I knew that with Chris’s guidance and information I could! 🙂

I now knew the 3 Step Process to Making Money Online – and the GOOD news – it hasn’t changed from then to NOW…

STEP 1. Find a profitable niche.

STEP 2. Build a list of people that are interested in that niche.

STEP 3. Market related product to our list.